Lumonol Wisdom

Editors’ Choice! Best out there! 9.8/10

Avanse Nutraceuticals’ main supplement, Lumonol, has been our nootropic stack of choice for quite some time now. Seeing that the manufacturers of our #1 rated product have created a supplement specifically for the over 60’s market, we were delighted to look into the formula and give it a try ourselves. Lumonol Wisdom is a nootropic supplement that promises to promote the mental clarity, memory function and energy levels of those who belong to the older generation.

Aging is a scary process and having to experience loss of memory and constant brain fog leads to a lack of confidence and the inability to do things that we really want to. But what if you could wake up feeling refreshed, energized and with heightened mental performance? Lumonol Wisdom gives those above 60 the chance to relive their younger years and regain that sense of vitality and independence.

We trust that Lumonol Wisdom will be able to excel amongst the other inadequate brain-boosting supplements in the market. If you’re older and are sick of constantly feeling lethargic, having to depend on others to complete simple tasks and struggling with poor memory, don’t let your age define you. The following review will go over Wisdom’s ingredients and results, giving you a closer look into how astounding this supplement truly is.

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Nootropic Ingredients


Supplement Facts (Ingredients)

Clarity Blend: 550 mg:
Bacopa Leaf Extract
Acetyl L-Carnitine
CDP Choline
Vitality Blend: 200 mg:
Panax Ginseng
Oat Straw
Memory Blend: 310 mg:
Ginkgo Biloba

Huperzine A
First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate Avanse’s efforts of creating a formula that is free from fillers, additives, colorants and preservatives. Not something you often see these days…Down to the choice of material for the capsules, Avanse Nutraceuticals has picked vegetarian rice flour as opposed to the substandard option, silicon dioxide, to create their product. That just goes to show how careful and dedicated the manufacturers are in designing the best, most high quality products.


Going back to the ingredients packed into Wisdom, you can see from the list above that we have three main blends. The company has purposely separated the ingredients into different categories to help consumers understand the purpose and benefit of each compound.


Starting off with the Clarity Blend, Avanse has packed in Acetyl L-Carnitine – a famous energy supplement that can almost instantly reduce fatigue and make you feel more responsive and bright. Of course they didn’t forget to include a choline source in the blend – CDP Choline is the best form of choline available because the body can easily absorb it and use it as a nutrient to support brain function. When the body lacks proper levels of choline we start to experience brain fog, mental fatigue and the inability to stay sharp. CDP Choline is also useful in helping to prevent the emergence of side effects. Nootropics work by stimulating blood flow to the brain, so it’s common that first time users experience minor headaches during their trial. If the nootropic stack used includes a choline source, however, the likelihood of side effects becomes significantly lowered.


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There’s more good news – Lumonol Wisdom’s Vitality Blend contains Oat Straw, a calcium-packed ingredient that can literally put a spring back in your step by nourishing your bones and preventing/alleviating joint pain. Oat Straw also shows promising results in boosting sex drive, so if spicing things up in the bedroom is something you’ve wished to do for a while now, take your chances with Wisdom. Oat Straw also protects the integrity of nerve cells, providing you with optimal mental function for many more years to come.


Another highlight to the formula is the 10 mg of Noopept packed into each serving. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to be missing out on Noopept’s benefits. This potent nootropic is capable of boosting memory, focus, learning skills, verbal fluency, mood, mental clarity and much more. Noopept’s mechanism for boosting brain function is by increasing acetylcholine (neurotransmitter in charge of learning and memory) production and working on AMPA receptors. By making these two changes, your spatial memory (i.e. where you put your keys) and learning skills will be greatly enhanced.


Brain Enhancing Effects 

So how did our experience with Wisdom go? Well, considering how impressive Wisdom’s formula is, we expected all of the benefits to come after the first few tries. To our surprise, this wasn’t really the case. A few of us here at the office asked our parents to give the product a try for at least 4 weeks. We also told them to test the results by playing more board games and memory games.

It turned out that improvements with memory recall only kicked in halfway through week 2. During the first week, most of the members reported feeling more awake, alert and energized. As the days passed, however, the participants began to feel stronger and more noticeable effects.

One of the users said something about Wisdom that we will never forget: “I’ve never been a huge fan of supplements because I’ve always believed that keeping fit and having a good diet are the only two things you need to stay young and healthy. Clearly I was proven wrong because the minute I hit 62 I’ve been feeling weak and more tired than ever. And whether or not I’d like to admit it, having to depend so much on my kids to do things around the house becomes kind of embarrassing. Using Wisdom changed all of that because not only did it improve my memory and energy levels, it ultimately made me feel more capable of doing stuff on my own. Thanks to Wisdom I feel more confident and less fearful about learning new things.”

Side Effects

Wisdom’s formula is undeniably powerful but that doesn’t mean that it causes harsh side effects. When it comes to nootropics, people assume that the stronger and more potent the formulations are, the worse they are for you. News flash: the best nootropics are purposely labeled as the “best” because of their ability to perform without causing unwanted effects.

None of the participants reported feeling any side effects while using Wisdom, although one user did say that he felt more energized than he expected to, which came as somewhat of a shock.

Readers’ Score & Price

Hopefully this next part will bring an even bigger smile to your face. Lumonol Wisdom costs $59.97 when you make a one-time purchase but you can get the 3-bottle pack for $119.97. If you try and look for other senior-friendly cognitive boosting supplements, you’ll realize that most of them come at an average of $70 or more for a month’s supply. For that reason, we think that Wisdom is definitely sold at a reasonable price. The recommended dosage is outlined on the bottle label – “Take 2 capsules daily, preferably one with breakfast and one with lunch.”


A round of applause for Avanse Nutraceuticals for once again creating a breakthrough supplement with a better-than-average formula that works as promised. Lumonol Wisdom, their most recent product, is a supplement that older users can truly appreciate. The ingredients work by increasing blood flow to the brain, stimulating the production of learning neurotransmitters and protecting surviving brain cells from damaging toxins. Results appeared slowly at first and improvements were mostly notable in energy levels and overall alertness. These effects accumulated overtime, however, and began to improve other aspects of mental function such as memory recall, concentration, verbal fluency, thinking speed and concentration. We have also heard no complaints regarding side effects with this product, which tells us that the formula has been made with precision and care.

Avanse Nutraceuticals has also made sure to sell the product at an affordable price for all the older folks out there who wish to improve and protect mental function. More than a month’s supply comes at $59.97, which means you’re spending an average of $1.35 per day to experience out-of-this-world benefits.

The world sure is moving fast but your age is definitely not a reason for you to fall behind. Impress your friends, kids, grandkids and most importantly YOURSELF by benefiting from Wisdom and gaining a great boost of confidence. Overall Score: 9.8 out of 10


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