MindCare Protect

Background Check

Life’s golden years can be much better when you’ve got an effective cognitive boosting supplement by your side. Imagine still being able to keep up with the latest trends in tech, having high levels of energy in the morning and feeling at your best every single day…even at 65! You would be invincible. MindCare Protect aims to make these adult years the best years of your life. The product is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that can support optimal mental performance and boost energy.

Formula Highlights


Each MindCare Protect pack comes with 2 different kinds of capsules. The first type is called the Omega-3 EPA & DHA capsule. When looking for a good omega-3 complex supplement, you should always make sure that it contains both EPA and DHA because they bring different kinds of benefits to mental performance. EPA, for instance, may help with focus, concentration and learning while DHA helps to boost hand-eye coordination and memory. Deficiencies in Omega-3s have been associated with age-related memory loss and mental decline. Since we don’t get enough Omega-3s from our diet, it is recommended to take them in supplement form.

The second type capsule mostly contains vitamins and minerals, but does some nootropics, including N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Studies have shown that NAC may improve memory, learning and mood in adults. This amino acid works by regulating the amount of dopamine available in the brain, leading to improved focus and motivation. ALA, on the other hand, is the perfect nootropic for adults. It is known in the nootropic industry as the anti-aging supplement to go for. With lots of antioxidants and an ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, this compound can protect your brain cells from harmful toxins.

All in all, MindCare Protect’s formula does contain a few good nootropics but we must say that it’s packed with far too many vitamin fillers. Your multi-vitamin should be taken separately from your cognitive booster because each type of supplement plays its own role.

Effects and Benefits

With MindCare Protect, you may see improvements in cognitive function after a few weeks. Most of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals, and there are very few big players in the formula. As the name suggests, MindCare Protect should be able to protect your mental condition in the long-term. It has the right minerals to nourish your brain cells and it contains antioxidants that shield healthy nerves from destructive radicals.

Potential Side Effects

All of the ingredients in the formula are regarded as safe for use by the FDA. They have not been associated with adverse side effects and can be used at a daily basis. However, if you are taking other medications for your personal health conditions then it’s best to speak with your doctor. We cannot confirm the type of drug interactions that may potentially take place.

Pricing Options

Easiest way to get yourself a 30-day pack of MindCare Protect is either from Amazon.com or Vitalabo.com. The pack contains 30 omega-3 complex capsules and 30 multi-vitamin capsules. You should take 1 of each type daily with food. Prices vary slightly from site to site but a month’s supply should cost around $44.

Online Reviews

During our search for customer reviews on this product, we came across absolutely none. If you do decide to buy the product, please make sure to post online how your experience with it went so that other consumers can have a better idea of what the supplement can do!



  • May support brain health
  • May protect brain cells from harmful radicals


  • Basically a multi-vitamin
  • Not very affordable for a multi-vitamin supplement
  • Shipping may take a few weeks

Our Verdict

With age comes a lot of great things, but a decline in cognitive performance is certainly not one of them. MindCare Protect aims to help adults over the age of 40 years old to retrieve that mental edge so that they can enjoy life to the fullest at any age. Its formula is light and suitable for senior folks, doesn’t raise any red flags and has strong potential to protect against mental deterioration. We do recommend this product to any seniors out there who are looking for an effective multi-vit with brain-boosting properties. If you’d like to wake up feeling great about life and have lots of energy, however, you should check out Lumonol Wisdom – our Editor’s top choice for seniors!