Neuroprime – Mind Nutrition’s offering to the nootropic industry. Mind Nutrition is one of the most interesting nootropics we’ve found on the industry. It brings a formula that is their solution for the market, as a fundamental combination of vitamins and nootropics, or at least they call it. Neuroprime brings that to the table, as well as the fact that Neuroprime is also one of the most transparent companies that we’ve seen. Their online site is detailed, yet clean, without making any outrageous claims or statements. However, we here at were quite curious to see how Neuroprime works in comparison to the see of other brain supplements out there.

Just because it’s the cleanest doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Nootropic Ingredients
One of the few things we liked about Neuroprime was how easy it was to get accurate, detailed information. They’ve listed all the information that might be important to the reader there, easy to view. One of these, of course, being Neuroprime’s ingredients. This doesn’t always happen as, little do you know, some companies don’t even list their ingredients on their own website.

Supplement Facts (Ingredients)

Vitamin B1 2mg
Vitamin B5 12mg
Vitamin B6 5mg
Vitamin B12 150mg
Folic Acid 200mg
Zinc 5mg
Magnesium 50mg
MN Prime Formulation 585mg
tri-methylaglycine, n-acetyl-l-cysteine, ubiquinion, r-alpha-lipoic-acid

Although there were quite a few things we liked about Neuroprime, there were actually quite a few that we didn’t either. All of these would be in its formula, though. For one, Neuroprime seems to be employing quite a few filler ingredients in its formula – those filler ingredients being the vitamins and minerals also included in Neuroprime’s formula. We call these filler ingredients due to the fact that it’s eating up valuable real estate on the capsule – a capsule that you believe is supposed to give your brain an enhancing boost. However, it’ll be only 2/3 as effective as it could be, because it has vitamins and minerals in it. We don’t like this in pharmaceuticals, and now you know why.

Aside from that, there are only really 4 nootropic ingredients in its formula, and they’re all in MN’s Prime Formulation. 4 might actually be a pretty low number, considering that they still had some real estate to allow other valuable nootropic ingredients into the mix. However, what they do have is this: A mood elevator, a mild focuser, a motivation booster, and a memory improver.
Brain Enhancing Effects
Our participants were quite excited to try out Neuroprime. The trials we conducted lasted for 3 months, in which our participants had to come in every few days to hand in their reports and participate in our change-in-cognitive-ability test.
Our participants immediately noticed that Neuroprime was quite the brain enhancer, as it was quick enough before they started feeling immense amounts of focus and concentration, which unfortunately, dropped substantially after the first few days of usage. However, in Neuroprime’s defense, this is when the body’s tolerance starts to develop, and is actually quite normal. Towards the 2nd month of the study, though, some of our participants also mentioned a higher ability to learn, stating that it improved their memory retention skills.

This was all proven true through our cognitive tests, which measured substantial increases to focus, with marginal increases to memory and learning capabilities. However, there no symptoms that suggested an improvement in mood, clarity of though, or productivity. Meaning, although focused, some of the quality of their output was not at par with those that were produced by the effects of some of the other nootropics we’ve tried before.

Side Effects
Despite this, the good thing about Neuroprime was the fact that there were no side effects present in any of our participants for the whole duration of the 3-month trial. Despite the usage of higher or lower dosages suggested by Neuroprime, the end result was the same. Quite amazing, really. Despite the largeness of the brain enhancing industry, not a lot of supplements out there can do the same.

Readers’ Score
One of the frequent topics of emails regarding Neuroprime we got was the “amazing boosts” that it gave to focus and concentration, which our participants did notice as well, as mentioned in a section above. Additionally, a few readers also came to notice that Neuroprime lacked any apparent side effects. They were going on about how this was unseen in any other nootropic out there. However, sad to say that that there are quite a few nootropics out there that can do this same feat. That doesn’t take a way from Neuroprime being quite a remarkable product, though.

Despite this, its reader average rating was still not enough to compete with the absolute best in the business. Many complained that they weren’t really being able to perform better on it. Neuroprime gets the score it deserves. A good one, but not a great one. Score for Neuroprime: 7.1 out of 10