Top 10 Brain Enhancing Pills



Overall Rating: 9.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.8/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 9.6/10
Long Term Results: 9.7/10
Custom Reviews: 9.6/10
Safety: 9.8/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 90 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
$36.33 – $57.97
The real-life Limitless Pill? One of the newer offerings in the nootropic industry, Avanse Laboratories’ new ingenious formula LumULtra has been generating quite much popularity on the internet, and has been buzzing around on dedicated nootropic forums. Why do we pick this awesome formula to be the #1 nootropic supplement of 2022 and 2023? Simple, name another supplement that contains “potent 1160mg capsule” and has just recently been upgraded to 25 mg of world's most powerful nootropic agent Noopept. It is cheap, in our opinion, compared to what it contains. And we don’t think their price will stay this low for long. Avanse Laboratories is currently playing… Learn More...


Overall Rating: 9.2/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.1/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 9.2/10
Long Term Results: 9.0/10
Custom Reviews: 9.1/10
Safety: 9.0/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
There is much to be appreciated in a brain supplement like BrainPill (never mind the confusion that may stem from the generic-sounding name) that combines tried-and-tested ingredients in a single one-a-day formulation. The consistency in claims and what users see in real life is an exemplary one, which convinces us to rate this powerhouse as the second on this review list. Feeding one’s brain with nootropics and related supplements entails due diligence in research and seeking the highest quality, and we think BrainPill is up to task. Learn More...


Overall Rating: 9.0/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.9/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.9/10
Long Term Results: 8.8/10
Custom Reviews: 9.0/10
Safety: 8.9/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 30 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Neuriva is definitely backed by a big-name supplement maker. It has attracted enough attention to be stocked by big retailers and enjoy a solid following. First-time nootropic users, however, have to be very discriminating in their first brain pill of choice, as it will set the tone for their ongoing use and supplementation. There’s a scarcity in important product information here, including clinical findings, comparison with peers, and transparent details that will show us it’s an inevitable part of one’s brain-boosting regimen. Learn More...

Alpha Brain

Overall Rating: 8.9/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.8/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.6/10
Long Term Results: 8.7/10
Custom Reviews: 8.7/10
Safety: 8.8/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 90 Days
Servings: 15 Days

Retail Price:
It’s refreshing to have a nootropic like Alpha Brain that doesn’t put the entire industry to shame. By this we mean it’s relatively safe for intake and the makers are pretty transparent and upfront about their blend and its ingredients. Now, onto the downside, we aren’t as confident taking Alpha Brain as we do with other newcomers in the market, for the simple reason that the documented side effects are numerous. We can “ignore” a few reactions, but with so much variation in every person’s brain chemistry and reaction to supplements, it should be quite alarming to get so many complaints of side effects from different people. Learn More...


Overall Rating: 8.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.6/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.5/10
Long Term Results: 8.5/10
Custom Reviews: 8.6/10
Safety: 8.5/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 45 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Their main claim is Memory Improvement. They also suggest Prevagen supports Healthy Brain Function, Sharper Mind, and Clearer Thinking. Their website states they were voted “#1 Brain Health Support Supplement”. The manufacturer is Quincy Bioscience. Prevagen comprises just a single ingredient – Apoaequorin” – which they claim was originally found in certain species of jellyfish. Prevagen was clinically tested and showed an increase in memory in healthy adults over 40 years old. Prevagen comes in 3 varieties with Chewables, Original and Extra Strength. Learn More...


Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.5/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.4/10
Long Term Results: 8.4/10
Custom Reviews: 8.5/10
Safety: 8.5/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: Moneyback
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Overall impressions of the product is that it may work a little, but it does not deliver on all of its promises. Participants only noticed an improvement in their concentration, but not in their memory. Some participants didn't experience any changes at all. Memotenz also says that there should be no side effects, but based on our participants, this is not true. Side effects may include sleepiness, dizziness, headaches, or insomnia. Learn More...


Overall Rating: 8.1/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.2/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.1/10
Long Term Results: 8.1/10
Custom Reviews: 8.2/10
Safety: 8.1/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 90 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
People who have tried Neuronol report the same thing as our participants. The positive effects of boosted energy and better focus are almost immediate, but fade over the course of taking this supplement. People didn't really report any long-term effects, despite Neuronol's claim to help boost long-term memory. Some people said that taking Neuronol does help with clarity, or reducing "brain fog," but that this also fades over time. The short-term effects of Neuronol are likely because of the caffeine and taurine acting as stimulants, rather than any real brain-boosting effects from the other ingredients. Learn More...

Optimind Pro

Overall Rating: 7.8/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.8/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 7.8/10
Long Term Results: 7.7/10
Custom Reviews: 7.8/10
Safety: 7.8/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Optimind Pro is backed by an established company, enjoys warm reception in the market if reviews and testimonials are to be believed, and may be getting the job done. But it is not unchallenged in such a strongly competitive industry, with other players offering more optimum brain nourishment at a more cost-effective price and greater safety value. These gems can be found at the top of this list. Optimind is one worth considering, however, particularly among beginners in nootropics and those looking for a safe, conservative choice. Learn More...

Neuro Peak

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.4/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 7.4/10
Long Term Results: 7.4/10
Custom Reviews: 7.5/10
Safety: 7.5/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
It’s easy to appreciate and consider a nootropic like Neuro-Peak because of its sheer simplicity in ingredient list, once-daily dose, and even benefit claims. It’s uncomplicated and unproblematic in what it strives to do. It also enjoys significant numbers of customer reviews, which could signal trustworthiness at current rating levels. The only letdown, however, is that the product literature doesn’t say much of potential side effects or any safety reminders. Safety is a crucial aspect and one that is never to be ignored or forgotten. Learn More...

Mind Lab Pro

Overall Rating: 5.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 5.1/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 5.3/10
Long Term Results: 5.5/10
Custom Reviews: 5.2/10
Safety: 5.5/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 30 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Mind Lab Pro can very well be considered one of the giants of nootropics today. It’s popular in online sites, it has thriving social media promotions, and we find that it’s well-stocked online and in brick and mortar stores, too. Learn More...