Neuro-PS claims to be a good source for brain nutrition. We first came across it when a friend told us about her own personal experience with the supplement. We then went out and tried it for ourselves to see if the claims are actually true.

On the Puritan’s Pride website, it says that PS or Phosphatidylserine is a naturally occuring substance and is a key brain component. But they also have a disclaimer saying that there is very limited research to prove that PS helps reduce cognitive dysfunction.


Nootropic Ingredients:

Aside from the Puritan’s Pride website, there is very little information on Neuro-PS and its ingredients available on the internet. This makes researching on the efficacy of the drug very hard to do.


Supplement Facts (Ingredients):

Neuro-PS®500 mg **

(Phospholipid Complex from Soy Lecithin) (Standardized to contain 20 percent Phosphatidylserine, 100 mg)

The website claims that the only ingredient contained in Neuro-PS is a phospholipid complex from Soy Lecithin. A quick Google search tells you that it plays an important role in keeping memory sharp by protecting your brain cells and transmitting messages between them.


Brain Enhancing Effects:

We used Neuro-PS for about five weeks to test if its claims. True enough, we had less episodes of forgetfulness, but it came with a price. In the first few days, we suffered from dizzy spells that kept me us bed for the a few hours per day. This went on for about three weeks before we finally got the hang of taking the nootropic supplement.

By the fourth week, we noticed that the dizzy spells were gone but we also started to forget a lot of stuff. At one point, we left my car keys at the bank, but that’s another story to tell.


Side Effects:

There are no majorly adverse side effects tied to Neuro-PS, as it is free of major allergens. However, users may experience dizzy spells like we personally did.


Readers’ Score:

Overall, Neuro-PS does what it claims to do. It enhances memory, but it came with a steep price for us and we can only image for a handful of other users as well. If we were to score it from 1-10, we would give it a 6.7, ultimately because being incapacitated by dizzy spells is not something we look for in the food supplements we take no matter their benefits.

If Neuro-PS can be reformulated to do away with such side effect, we may reconsider taking it again.