Ortho-Mind tries to take on the nootropic industry with a unique niche. In their new and revised formula, they’ve taken out Ginkgo Biloba for a more special ingredient, or at least that’s what they call it, Acetyl-L-Carnitine. It seems like this is the best that AOR has come up with in their reiteration of an old formula. This makes Ortho-Mind quite special in their minds, when in fact, a lot of other nootropic products already currently use Acetyl-L-Carnitine in their formulas. We’ll see how AOR’s Ortho-Mind compares to other nootropic products and whether it’s worth your time or not.

Nootropic Ingredients

As mentioned, Ortho-Mind’s current formula is actually a reiteration of an old formula. Meaning, in essence, that this is the v.2.0 of Ortho-Mind.

Supplement Facts (Ingredients)

R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid 100mg
Panax Ginseng (30:1 extract) 100mg
Bacopa extract 300mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1500mg
Citicoline *Cognizin 500mg
Arginine Pyroglutamate 1500mg
Pantothenic Acid 460mg

Yes, what’s obviously noticeable is the fact that Ginkgo Biloba is not present in their formula, which is replaced by a large dose of Acetyl-L-Carnitine. However, this is an interesting decision, due to what Ginkgo Biloba really does. Ginkgo Biloba, usually in the form of extracts, is used as a vasodilator – meaning that it helps blood flow to the body and the brain. Increased blood flow to the brain is beneficial for a lot of ways, but mainly supporting the cognitive functions – making them more efficient.

On the other hand, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is different in that it plays a very direct hand in increasing alertness, focus, and mental energy in the brain, keeping it humming like a well-oiled engine for a long time. Additionally, Ortho-Mind has quite a large dosage of this substance, normally only seen in most ALCAR supplements.

Brain Enhancing Effects

We had quite a few participants interested and willing to see what Ortho-Mind does in our 3-month trial (After all, who doesn’t want free brain enhancers?). Our participants were instructed to report in every few days to check their findings and participate in our cognitive tests.

Due to the high potency of the ALCAR, we suggested that our participants take lower dosages of 2-3 capsules first and gradually increase from there. We received reports that Ortho-Mind did increase a considerable amount of mental energy and focus for its users. However, there were no notable differences in terms of memory retention and consolidation (according to our tests). There were no other reported effects.

Additionally, at the recommended 6 capsules a day, Ortho-Mind was quite potent, and even unbearable to a point that it was working counterproductively in some of our participants at that high dosage. We had to recommend some participants to drop their dosage to 3-4.

Side Effects

The side effects of Ortho-Mind included lethargy and brain fog. However, these side effects were only present upon the higher dosage intakes, indicating overdose in some of our participants. Under the lower dosages, though, Ortho-Mind showed no major side effects, aside from common headaches associated with some nootropics.

Readers’ Score

There were mixed opinions regarding Ortho-Mind – some of our readers liked it, yet some of them, not so much. However, some of our readers were actually a bit more than happy to tell us that the high potency of Ortho-Mind were giving them the extra boost that they needed to get through the day. And although we weren’t able to see noticeable increases in memory, some of our readers who are long-term users of Ortho-Mind have. Apparently, some even claim that the new iteration of Ortho-Mind is far much better than it used to be!

Ortho-Mind’s v.2.0 of its old formula seems to be quite popular in some of our users, but our trials did not span long enough to see some of those benefits. However, Ortho-Mind seems like a respectable choice in the nootropic industry – special, but definitely not the best.


Top10BrainPills.com Score for Ortho-Mind: 7.6 out of 10