Ciltep Overview
Manufactured by Natural Stacks, Ciltep promises Focus – Motivation – Memory on the bottle label. Ciltep contains plant extracts, which they claim createhealthy ways to stay focused, alert, and motivated for hours. Their 4 big take-homes are “Maximum Motivation and Mental Endurance”, “Boost Concentration and Long-Term Memory”, “Increased Ability to Study and Retain Information”, and “Improved Mood and Social Ability”. They promote the vegetarian nature of their vege capsules.

The website also states that Ciltep is used every day by CEO’s, Wall Street Executives, College Students, Scientists and Creatives. They feature the poker player Martin Jacobson as their sponsored athlete, and have tie ins with big name nootropic experts Tim Ferris, and Dave Asprey who both feature on the website. They also offer Smart Caffeine, MagTech, and BioCreatine as supplements.