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Overall Rating: 9.7 of 10

*Our ratings are derived from a scientifically calculated mix of our minimum of 8-week product trial, customer experience, industry expert reviews, and weighted average from in-house circle of nootropic expert reviewers

It’s been called the real-life Limitless Pill – and not by the manufacturers themselves. As one of the newer offerings in the nootropic industry, Avanse Nutraceuticals’ new LumUltra has been generating a bit of a stir on the internet, with many of the nootropic sites and forums raving about it. So how did this new product come out of nowhere and bowl us over so much, that we chose it as our Top Recommended Product of 2022-2023?  Well a lot has to do with the generous serving of 25mg of Noopept in it, but we’ll discuss that in more detail shortly.

A solid formula returns solid results, and all at a price much lower than many of the alternative focus, memory, and energy nootropics available online or over the counter.  The total package offered by Avanse Neutraceuticals wreaks of high value and had us experiencing many of the manufacturers claims.  The team behind this ingenious  have really leveraged on the inadequacies of their competitor’s offerings… A no expense spared formula loaded with 25mg of Noopept per serving and a “3 Blend system” designed to enhance Memory, Energy, and Focus.

They have a highly informative site with plenty of information useful to both the nootropics newbie, and seasoned biohacker. On top of that, they simply care. This brilliant nootropic  comes with a comprehensive manual detailing how it works, what to expect, and how to get the best results, and while we only had a brief introduction via Skype with the CEO and team, we loved their vision and passion for all things cognitive enhancement.

Nootropic Ingredients

LumUltra’s formula is purportedly one of the reasons why LumUltra is so effective. Their website clearly (and proudly) displays the list of ingredients (supplement facts label) without any need to go hunting for it – something many others fail to do.


Supplement Facts (Ingredients)

Focus Blend: 515 mg:

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Memory Blend: 170 mg:
Ginkgo Biloba
Alpha GPC (CDP Choline)

Energy Blend: 430 mg:
Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)
Panax Ginseng

The interactions between all three blends seems to be something of a “Coca-Cola formula”, finding that sweet spot that should see LumUltra grow rapidly into the mass market. Not only is the formula all killer – no filler, but the same approach is taken with all aspects of the product. The guys at LumUltra were pumped to tell us that LumUltra is about to be free of any last impurities as they take it to the highest level with no dyes and colorings, nor pointless fillers such as silicon dioxide.

We often see that most supplement companies try to include as many ingredients in their pill as possible, trying to create an all-encompassing pill, when they should really be doing the opposite. More ingredients mean less potency when you are trying to squeeze those nootropics into a standard 600 mg “00” capsule. When it comes to nootropics, less nearly always is more.

It doesn’t stop there though… Avanse are quick to boast that they use only the highest quality selection, which is evident in some of the ingredients that they’re using. On top of the 25mg of Noopept, LumUltra features Guarana and Panax Ginseng at the forefront of its energy lifting properties.

Brain Enhancing Effects (As with all supplements – results may not be typical)

Those here at Top10BrainPills who volunteered to take LumUltra up on their offer of a 90-day supply (3 bottle “Voyager Pack”) were stoked and couldn’t wait to get started. The study of LumUltra lasted the full 3 months with all participants asked to keep a journal detailing any noticeable improvements to any and all cognitive functions. The reports were varied ranging from improved accuracy in Call of Duty (!), to noticeable clarity of thought. Short term memory seemed to be affected which would indicate possible interactions from the CDP Choline, or L-Tyrosine.

We also asked our volunteers to not just sit about the house, but actually use LumUltra as a supplement to either learning something like a new skill, language, or instrument, or perhaps to monitor progress with brain training software such as Lumosity. (ED – Spending a day to measure, monitor, and record baselines is always a great idea before trying any cognitive enhancement supplement).

One of the very first things that our participants called home (in this case, the lab) about was the almost immediate effects of LumUltra. At only 15 minutes after consumption, our participants reported a spike in focus and concentration, as well as enhanced motivation and desire to get active. Interestingly, LumUltra’s short term results (anxiety, mood, short term memory, focus etc.) typically seemed to last around 4 -5 hours in the majority of participants, however the Noopept in LumUltra has much more powerful effects when given time.

My own personal energy levels around day 10 of supplementing with LumUltra seemed very different to anything I had experienced before in so much as I found myself requiring less sleep than normal, and that my desire to produce not just good work – but GREAT work – really grew with each passing day.

Brain fog with certain prescription attention and focus boosting drugs is said to be common place. Waking to brain fog having used LumUltra the day before was nonexistent. Most reports and reviews suggested users experienced clarity, and enjoyed the heightened perceptions offered by supplementing with nootropics.

Side Effects

Side effect reports were virtually nonexistent. Contrary, though, there were some reported effects to life outside of a working environment as well. Some of our participants felt they were performing better in the gym (Hordenine, Panax Ginseng, Guarana could all be responsible for this), using vocabulary that they perhaps wouldn’t normally use, and we even had a report or two of mildly invigorated libidos.

Due to Noopept’s potency, those new to nootropics may be better suited to an initial dosing load of just 1 capsule daily for the first week. Noopept’s ability to “give you wings” can sometimes take some by surprise.

Readers’ Score & Price

Did I tell you our readers loved LumUltra? Well they/you did! In fact, it was our readers that made us aware of it. LumUltra don’t seem too bothered to join the hordes of rivals all spending hundreds of thousands on slick marketing campaigns… Instead choosing to blaze their own trail and take LumUltra to dizzy heights off the back of pure results. I’m almost certain they’ll be gathering huge momentum through 2022-2023 as they build a rather large army of supporters, fans, and loyal clients.


LumUltra is priced from $39.97 (monthly subscription and approximate price per bottle on a three pack), to $58.97 per bottle as a onetime purchase. We are surprised it isn’t at least in the $70 mark when you consider lesser products go all the way beyond $100 a month for little of nothing.


Bundle packs award free shipping, and next day is an option. Avanse also have two other products designed to aid with energy, and sleep.



In every industry is a Titan. Our industry has LumUltra. To find a nootropic the magnitude of Noopept in an all in one solution, and to then put it out at a price that turns a possible wasteful expense into a highly valuable investment in your own growth and development is one thing. But to have it deliver consistent results – even after both 30 day, and 60 day periods without erosion due to tolerance and you have without a doubt, the best cognitive enhancer for focus, memory, mental energy and mood on the market.

You loved it, we loved it, and our Editor put her stamp of approval on it and stated “I doubt we’ll see a better product in 2022-2023”. Agreed. Well played LumUltra.


Click Here To Buy LumUltra Now! Overall Score: 9.7 of 10

User Comments

  • Best
    I have been raving about this stuff since I started taking it. I couldn’t remember anything so bad to the point that started forgetting little things from time to time. These make every day more stressful and then came the depression. Literally, I’ve been using Lumultra for almost 2 months now. I have noticed a difference in the level of clarity and concentration throughout the day. I surely give these supplements credit there! It is all natural. Amazing product. Seriously amazing results. I am happy there is something I can add to my health regime.
    -Robert P 48, Philadelphia, PA
  • Good
    Focus has always been an issue for me, although none of the doctors I saw about it ever diagnosed me with ADD. Even though they seem to be handing out prescriptions like candy these days, my problem was obviously not so severe. However, I had barely managed to graduate high school with a C average, I was struggling in Junior College, and I wanted more than anything to transfer to a 4-year University. But every time I tried to sit down and study, my mind would start wondering and I would get so frustrated with my lack of progress I’d simply give up. Since I couldn’t get a prescription for my problem I started taking supplements in a desperate attempt to fix my focus issues. Some of them actually worked but the problem was they would leave me feeling wired and jittery. Even though they were OTC supplements and natural they just overstimulated me. It was getting to the point where I was finding it very difficult to fall asleep at night. It took me a while to find a balance but I have to say that Lumultra was the only product that worked for me. It helps me focus and study for as long as I need to and, thankfully, it doesn’t make my brain race.
    -Chester B 32, Houston, TX
  • Best
    Initially, I started taking Lumultra as a way to help preserve my memory as I got older. It gave me confidence and alleviated some of my fears but an added bonus to taking Lumultra, which I have been doing for almost 3 months, is that I can notice a big difference in my memory now. Whereas before it would take me a few minutes to remember a certain detail about a conversation I had just a few days ago, I was now recalling detailed information about conversations, dates, where I left my car keys and more, instantly! Even my husband remarked to me after I’d been taking it for about a year, that his memory seemed to be slipping while mine was getting sharper. So, I think that Lumultra will ultimately help me avoid the same fate that my mother and uncle suffered but, more than that, it is helping to improve my memory in the here and now. I no longer fear Alzheimer’s quite as much as I used to.
    -Alice N 45, Provo, UT
  • Good
    As I was getting into my 50’s one of my biggest fears was that my mind would not function like it used to. The tell-tale sign for me that I needed to do something about taking care of my brain was the onset of “morning fog.” When I would wake up, it would take me a few minutes to really focus my mind and remember what needed to be done on any given day. Sometimes it took me a while to remember where I was! I was scared to death of not being able to focus or read books with the same speed and retention that I use to, to say nothing of Alzheimer’s. So when I turned 51 I started taking various supplements to help fortify my own brain function. Thankfully my son got on the case and did a lot of research online. I’m not sure how he came across Lumultra or what he had to search in order to find it but somehow he did: he bought it, and gave me the bottle to try. After just a few days I was beginning to notice a dissipation of the mental fog that I was starting to feel in the mornings. I woke up and was able to focus sharply and quickly. Best of all, Lumultra didn’t affect the quality of my sleep or overstimulate my mind. It just made me feel well I think the best word to describe it is ‘aligned’. It made me feel more aligned when I woke up in the morning. This helped me get the day started quicker and focus more intently throughout the day.
    -John M 51, Tucszon, AZ
  • Best
    Ordered this product about a week ago and the improvement was noticeable almost right away. I felt more confidence, energy and after 2 weeks of taking it constantly I started to recall words that were not regularly part of my vocabulary, it was kind of cool. I stacked it with Adrafinil for when I was working and I think it was solely responsible for my intense lifts at the gym and my new found confidence in learning anything instantly! Thanks for bringing my life back Lumultra. Great Product!
    -Carlos G 37, Michigan
  • Best
    I can say that Lumultra is the best I have tried and it works! I've spent fortunes on similar pills, but taking Lumultra makes me realize there's nothing like it. I now take it daily and am approaching my first off cycle. The results to date have been incredible and the confidence i felt speaking on age gave me edge I have not experience before. I will surely recommend your product to my friends and colleagues.
    -Dominique W 32, Montpelier, VT
  • Best
    Since taking Lumultra I have definitely noticed an increase in the time I stay focused now, and my concentration has doubled since I started taking it. Lumultra is my secret weapon in not just my business, but also in my life. Prioritizing my time is now easy, and the energy I have in the evening now for my family has brought a real balance. Thank you so much for Lumultra, and by the way my husband takes it too now.
    -Emily M 43, Brooklyn, NY
  • Best
    Simply amazing. At first I didn't feel anything. I was about to quit since I am not known to be a patient person. I guess I was eager for it work like medicine which is right away. I read a lot of reviews, and everyone says LumUltra works like a health supplement (which it is) - it takes time for it to adapt and work with your body's chemistry. So I decided to ride it out. It took a full month for me to feel the effect, and now it gets better each day. It must be the noopept or something, anyways, LumUltra really works for me. I feel like a younger me, more energy, more clarity and more driven!
    -Diane V. 43, San Francisco
  • Best
    Curiosity led to me to explore nootropics, and this was one of the first supplements I tried because of the research that went into the stack of ingredients. Me and my girlfriend tried it on and off for a number of weeks, and I think we both agree that it offers that extra boost. Don’t expect a miracle drug, but something along the lines of clean, sustained energy and greater productivity and engagement in tasks. I’d recommend it to friends who’d like to wean off their regular morning coffee or need that little something to get that edge when you need it
    -ReformedCoffeeJunkie, 26, Maine
  • Good
    This product gives me nice, clean energy without the crash. I’ve been more alert throughout the day and no longer feeling the need to nap during daytime. Definitely helps me to focus and I’d recommend it to friends. Let me just say it’s my new gold standard for not being a jittery mess all day who needs to be caffeinated to stay in control.
    -J. Cusack, 49, Connecticut
  • Best
    Returning customer here, and I’m confident I can get through scorching summers with this supplement. I work outdoors so imagine the horror of being all sweaty and having to muster so much energy for a long shift. Not exactly an Einstein (and not aspiring to be ha ha) but hey, this stuff works.
    -Andy D., 26, Florida
  • Best
    I take two at breakfast and I instantly feel a wee bit more focused and awake. Thanks to LumUltra, I’m able to skip my morning coffee (which I’m generally unable to tolerate well) and still perform well in school. Friends run on up to 5 cups a day and feel really wired, but coffee doesn’t have the same impact on me so supplements are a heaven sent. Thanks guys!
    -Dede P., 21, Texas
  • Good
    I used to believe that there’s no substitute for a cup of joe. My body was previously run by coffee all day. As an engineer, it takes a lot to sustain my energy all day in between desk and field work, so caffeine keeps me running despite quick afternoon crashes and difficulty hitting the sack at night. LumUltra has been a bit of a lifesaver in this regard, with the small bottle okay to be lugged around and the formula doing its job on days I didn’t get enough sleep or got too much on my plate. It helps me ensure I am at my peak. My wife is the same: two pills in the PM and she is off to the races until her last hour of work in the hotel industry.
    -Chris T., 42, Chicago
  • Good
    I don’t usually rave about supplements since I’ve been taking so many different ones since forever. But LumUltra has the potential to be a game changer. You don’t become limitless overnight but I’m impressed with the solid formula and practical results on my memory and recall, ability to concentrate on important matters, and no longer having to exert maximum effort to get clarity of thought.
    -Merrill D., 40, Rhode Island
  • Best
    As described on the website, the interactions among LumUltra’s memory, focus, and energy blends finds the sweet spot that should see the product rapidly leading the nootropic market. I’m a chemist myself and I think the formula is balanced and provides minimal side effects, if any. There’s no quick fix for stuff like better memory and concentration, but you may support these cognitive functions with a good diet, regular exercise, and supplements such as this one. Kudos guys – I’ve temporarily moved to Singapore and I still take this!
    -Andrew T., 57, New York
  • Good
    On the first few days of supplementing I didn’t see any outward or obvious change. But I didn’t get terrible headaches or side effects either, so I pushed through with it just to use what I paid for. Now came the 2nd week, and man I was blown away by how function-enhancing it actually is! Better focus, memorization, and weirdly enough none of the usual neck pain bothering me even hours after waking up. It’s my holy grail right now and there’s no downside to speak of. Thank you for coming up with such a responsible product
    -Aamir, 32, Oregon
  • Good
    I was skeptical when I first tried out this supplement. My GP is a strict kind and usually have a low opinion of supplements and stuff, so imagine the great lengths I have to go to get her to say sure you may take that. But if I’m to summarize my experience with LumUltra, it’s going to be this: a more effective cup of Starbucks, without the jitters and packing more brain power. Thanks guys I’ve been converted
    -R.J. Johnson, 43, Michigan
  • Good
    LumUltra works well for me for several different reasons. First, I don’t have to take more than one tablet to truly notice the effects. Second, it works on me particularly during long work days and while operating on very little sleep. I don’t see the same positive impact on energy drinks and other supplements, and I’m not sure why. Third, I don’t get any side effects that I think are standard experience for many nootropic users of other brands, in fact even more established ones than LumUltra. I’m no longer on the lookout for undesirable reactions such as jitters and shaking, compared to when I first took a nootropic years ago while studying at the university. So far, so good. LumUltra delivers the goods and I couldn’t be happier with this product
    -Aznar F., 29, Florida
  • Best
    For starters, I’m amazed that LumUltra is so well-packaged, designed, and professionally done. The product information is spot on: it pays attention to improving our memory, focus, and flow and speed of thoughts without the negative side effects. My concentration improved almost immediately after starting therapy, and I don’t have the shakes, jitters, and general unease experienced from other nootropic supplements. Thumbs up for the solid performance of this supplement!
    -Chelsea J., 45, Arizona
  • Good
    You’d come across reviews that will brainwash you into thinking that there’s nothing special with this supplement, and that it’s a total waste of money. Let me tell you the opposite: it’s the real deal and it’s very realistic in what it claims to do for your memory and concentration. Go give it a try; not a lot of other brain supplements I’ve tried can hold a candle to this one.
    -Jeremy D., 49, Iowa
  • Good
    I don’t expect a miracle or overnight results with products like this, and managing my expectations has enabled me to appreciate LumUltra for all its realistic and real-world claims and features. It gives me the mental and physical drive that often lacked when I go to work and rattled with so much stuff to do. I think it also supports better decision-making and functions as a sort of multivitamin to keep one’s energy and performance in check. We are all different as individuals so no two effects are alike. But yeah, it’s worth the try…
    -Allison, 52, Missouri
  • Best
    I’ve seen friends have great success with nootropic powders, experimenting to find a stack that works fabulously for them. Since I’m a mom of three and a field consultant at the same time, I can’t afford downtime and the usual jitters linked to caffeine pills for energy and better memory. I tried LumUltra for the first time some 4 weeks ago and man, it’s an absolute difference from my previous performance. I move faster these days without gasping for air once I’m on my mid-day tasks, and for some reason my memory and creativity are getting the boast they badly need. I’m going to keep supplementing with this gem of a product and see it run its full nootropic course on my healthy body.
    -Amelia D., 33, Illinois
  • Good
    I like it and it doesn’t give me a headache and a bad hangover feeling like those other supplements I’ve tried.
    -Anthony V., 62, Delaware
  • Best
    Works really well for me and it only took a single tablet to truly notice a difference. Given my high tolerance for everything (from food to supplementation to bad habits like sleeping late), I feel like LumUltra lived up to my expectations at such relatively low dose. What impressed me further is how alert and awake I’ve been taking this even without the easy intervention of added caffeine or while missing my gym time for a day. I’ll be updating my review in a couple of weeks to see how excellently this pill can really work.
    -Tom F., 53, Texas
  • Good
    Ordering, payment processing, and shipping were all quick and easy. Performance was a little unnoticeable in a day or so, but offered better mood and concentration as days went by. I will order again in time for preparations for my state licensure exams.
    -Samuel P., 28, Missouri
  • Best
    This is my holy grail for heavy concentration tasks. ‘Nuff said.
    -Andy D., 26, Florida
  • Good
    A friend claimed having her marvelous results from nootropic intake. I figured that if a person who is actually close to me experiences positive results from it, I could also try it and see for myself. I ordered LumUltra (process was a breeze and did not take more than a couple of days to receive package), and gave it a shot with minimal expectations. I’m glad I did because one tablet a day made a notable difference in my energy and movement, mood, and attitude toward work and the mountains of things to do ahead of me. I will consume the whole bottle and probably order more. I hope to see new improvements each day or week.
    -Althea DV., 23, Rhode Island
  • Best
    Love the focus, clarity, and early morning boost this supplement gives me. Stop dreaming that it will make you smarter or limitless of superhero proportions – it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. But the benefits I enjoyed are enough to really get me buying more bottles; it’s the help I need for such a hectic student/part-time model life. The practical gains are all you need to get going!
    -Amanda Kaye H., 20, Louisiana
  • Good
    I used to be very pessimistic of product reviews and testimonials. But doing one now for LumUltra I realize they’re not all lies and deceptive claims. This nootropic works to increase my focus, capacity for thinking, and overall concentration, and if only I can up my dose (it may interact with my medications so being very careful here) I could likely enjoy more benefits. Anyway, I’m happy right now with it.
    -Aaron Ivan P., 57, North Carolina
  • Best
    I’m a fairly serious coffee guy and I barely function throughout the day without my cup of joe in the morning. Now, since my heartburn started getting more annoying, I’ve turned to supplements to get the energy I enjoy while on a caffeine fix. LumUltra did not disappoint and actually helped me maintain my energy levels, with the added bonus greater presence of mind for my daily tasks in the office. Great work, guys, it simply gets the job done.
    -Gavin R., 38, NY
  • Good
    Bought this product as recommended by my mom and brother. Great results so far, foremost of which is that bout of energy in the morning when waking up but without an afternoon crash so characteristic of caffeine-based solutions. I love the mental focus, too, as if a heavy cloud is being lifted off my head especially in the face of difficult daily tasks. Thanks for introducing me to this supplement. It works and I have not experienced a notable side effect so far.
    -Jared V., 24, Minnesota
  • Good
    LumUltra performs as advertised, and I’m happy that while I’m yet to see significant results, it’s free of filler garbage that most other supplements contain. Purity of ingredients and proper representation are great plus points.
    -Kirsten, 42, Pennsylvania
  • Best
    I’m a long-term Addirall user. Blame it on my tendency to play Dr. Google: I decided one day to come off of the drug and follow the natural route. My brothers are so sold on the idea of nootropics and told me to try them, so I did and weeks into it I’ve been seeing quite some changes. The initial effects kick in in a matter of minutes, as if there’s a certain fog being lifted from your head. I believe I’m also more motivated, enthusiastic, and focused these days, and I owe it not just to my diet and lifestyle overhaul, but also to this little pill. Limitless? Sure, I think I am now.
    -Joseph F., 29, Pennsylvania
  • Best
    I wish I’m compensated for this glowing review but I’m not. At any rate, LumUltra works for my ADD and the ingredients are all proven safe, effective, and targeting a greater sense of focus and task engagement. I’m convinced of its efficacy in the short and long term. Hope this little review helps!
    -Emma S., 46, New York
  • Best
    I’m loving the three blends in LumUltra for memory, focus, and energy – they contain all my go-to nutrients and substances for boosting my everyday performance or getting that pick-me-up that caffeine doesn’t provide me anymore. I’m a ginkgo biloba and ginseng fan too, and I tolerate these extracts super well. So far the supplement has been a godsend that provides all that I need for now in energy and wellness, without sacrificing potency of ingredients.
    -Terry P., 47, Arkansas
  • Good
    For someone who struggles with chronic fatigue and takes plenty of prescription drugs for it, supplementing LumUltra offers some sense of relief from the near-regular brain fog and tiredness. I also like it that I don’t have to take more than the recommended dose on the bottle.
    -Anonymous Customer, 30, California
  • Good
    I’m fond of learning new skills, languages, and even musical instruments (I dunno, I’m probably restless at heart?). Using LumUltra keeps me focused and eyeing the prize of a new learning. I pair it with this brain training software I’ve been using, and so far I’m getting promising measurable results from cognitive enhancement. Kudos to its makers: LumUltra is well-developed.
    -Fred R., 26, New Jersey
  • Best
    I’m a student and cramming is my expertise. But to my credit, I have plenty of probs with productivity and procrastination, likely due to my mild ADHD. I was initially hesitant to try LumUltra due to the potential stimulant effects. But I’m glad I gave it a try because it actually works I can’t believe the results: school work getting done faster and more precisely, and just a single tablet a day for doing the trick. I don’t think I’ll be parting with this nootropic soon.
    -Blake G., 21, Minnesota