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Available in capsule and gummy forms, Neuriva is promoted to fuel five indicators of brain performance, namely focus, accuracy, memory, learning, and concentration. It is said to be made with diverse needs in mind: GMO-free, vegetarian, and decaffeinated capsules that can address cognitive performance and bring about a welcome change in brain power. Neuriva comes from Schiff Vitamins, which manufactures other dietary supplements such as Airborne, Move Free, MegaRed, and Digestive Advantage, to name a few.


Nootropic Ingredients:

Neuriva is touted to contain clinically proven natural ingredients: coffee cherry (neurofactor) and plant-sourced phosphatidylserine (PS), both brain performance enhancers. Neurofactor gets special attention as an extract of the whole fruit of the coffee Arabica plant, shown to increase levels of BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF has been widely probed and believed to support the survival and well-being of existing neurons and encourage new neural growth.


Supplemental Facts (Ingredients):

Coffee Fruit Extract (100mg), PS (100mg), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, rice bran, capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, soy lecithin, silicon dioxide


Brain Enhancing Effects:

Neuriva is based on the synergistic action between coffee cherry as a neurofactor and phosphatidylserine, which positively affects brain performance and helps keep users going and excelling in their tasks. The website has not sufficiently explained the exact mechanism of action behind the product, and has been silent on clinical research and data that can adequately back the supplement claims.


PS itself, however, is known to be a potent brain aide. It is used for age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as for improving thinking skills in the young and relatively healthy. It is also often used to prevent exercise-induced stress and overall athletic performance.


Side Effects:

PS is known to side effects particularly when taken at high doses, such as more than 300mg. These unwanted effects include insomnia and stomach upset. Products that have been derived from animal sources also raise concern about transmission of diseases such as mad cow disease. Neuriva’s PS, however, is plant-derived and may not be concerning in that aspect.


Readers’ Score and Price:

A bottle of Neuriva fetches about $15 and can be bought from the official website, Amazon, Walgreens, and other supplement retailers online and in brick and mortar stores. It features an exceptionally high rating (60%) out of over 1,200 user ratings on Amazon, delving on the ease of swallowing, flavor/taste, and value for money. Interestingly, many reviews point to the unexpected benefit of better eyesight and hearing, whichever is applicable in their case or specific needs.



Neuriva is definitely backed by a big-name supplement maker. It has attracted enough attention to be stocked by big retailers and enjoy a solid following. First-time nootropic users, however, have to be very discriminating in their first brain pill of choice, as it will set the tone for their ongoing use and supplementation. There’s a scarcity in important product information here, including clinical findings, comparison with peers, and transparent details that will show us it’s an inevitable part of one’s brain-boosting regimen.


Top10BrainPills.com Overall Score: 9.0 of 10