Keralex  Reviews

Keralex is a health supplement that promotes better brain function. It has a patented “droplet delivery system” that allows for better absorption. It contains a blend of ingredients such as CoQ10 and omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help improve memory. Keralex differs from other brain supplements in that it also provides support for the heart and circulatory system. One bottle typically retails for $49.95, and can be bought through different websites, as well as on its manufacturer’s website, It’s relatively newer on the market, and there aren’t a lot of reviews yet.


Nootropic Ingredients:


Quercetin Dihydrate




d-Gamma Tocopherol


Supplemental Facts (Ingredients):

Keralex is formulated to support both brain and heart health. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that helps improve cognitive function. Curcumin is the active ingredient in tumeric, and aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, it may have a positive effect in combating brain ageing. Quercetin Dihydrate and CoQ10 are both known to help maintain the heart and circulatory system. Phosphatidylcholine helps both the brain and the heart, as it may help improve memory and circulation problems. Lastly, d-Gamma Tocopherol helps protect the body from nitrogen oxides.


Brain Enhancing Effects:

Participants took Keralex for 30 days, during which they reported few improvements in cognitive function. Some participants reported that they had less headaches or migraines than they normally had. Other participants reported no noticeable effects at all. Overall there was little to no noticeable improvement in terms of brain health for the participants.


Side Effects:

Keralex doesn’t have any reported side effects, but the ingredient Quercetin Dihydrate is known to cause headaches, or tingling in the arms and/or legs. None of the participants experienced this side effect.


Readers’ Score:

An unimpressive supplement for brain health. While some people reported less headaches or migraines, there was no improvement in terms of memory, focus, or cognitive function. We think that Keralex would be better taken as a multivitamin, or as something to improve heart health, seeing as most of its ingredients promote heart health. This may be why people haven’t really been reporting any improvements while taking this supplement. After all, it’s near impossible to judge if your heart is healthier until something happens. But when it comes to brain supplements, there are definitely better, more effective options out there.