If you’ve ever heard of Jonathan Weisman in the sports world lately, then you must have heard of Biohack Pure. Jonathan Weisman is the CEO of Biohack, and he’s the one who is strongly advocating for the allowing of nootropics in competitive play. Of course, this might just be a ploy to push his product out there, but then again, would that really be a completely bad idea?

Yes, what if nootropics were allowed and used to play competitively, would that be such a bad thing? We at Top10BrainPills.com think the outcomes would be very interesting, to say the least.

Despite that piece of information, Biohack Pure is making big leaps in the nootropic industry, though – at times, rivalling even the giants of brain enhancement. It’s seen some real success that many of the pharmaceutical companies, let alone nootropic pharmaceutical companies, have never seen before.

Nootropic Ingredients

Amazingly, Biohack Pure’s list of ingredients were available online, directly from their website. This was amazing as often, it’s not readily available. Yes, you’ll usually be able to see it on the Supplement Facts label on the back of the bottle, but there’s just the thing of being able to know exactly what you’re getting even before you get it. We’re sure some of our readers feel the same as well.

Supplement Facts (Ingredients)

Vitamin B6 15mg
L-Tyrosine 300mg
L-Theanine 150mg
Alpha GPC 100mg
Phosphatidylserine 75mg
Huperzia Serrata 50mg
Vinpocetine 6mg
Pterostilbene 750mcg

What do you see? What we see is a really attractive formula. Obviously, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, what we regularly tell our readers is that in the nootropic industry, less is more. In the nootropic industry, we see many companies often try to jam as many ingredients they possibly can, while they should really be heading on the opposite direction. Less ingredients means more potency, meaning you’ll have a more effective brain enhancer – and enhance, it does.

On its list of formulas, are L-Tyrosine, which increases alertness and motivation in the brain; Phosphotidylserine, which increases mood while reducing stress, and then there’s also Huperzia Serrata, which aids with memory. And those were just 3 from the list of Biohack Pure’s list of ingredients – to which, we believe, and our experts agree, is all beneficial with no filler.

Brain Enhancing Effects

To test the brain enhancing effects of Biohack Pure, we set up a trial for it, lasting a duration of 3 months. In these 3 months, participants would take the recommended dosage daily, and participate in our uniquely devised tests that measures cognitive abilities, and the change thereof.

Our participants were really quite excited to test Biohack Pure. Most likely, having researched Biohack Pure themselves, seeing the potency of the product, and realizing they were going to get a free 3-months’ supply.

They proclaimed that Biohack Pure was extremely strong, which they noticed almost immediately after only 20 minutes of taking the first capsule. It was almost as if they were “whipped into submission” to the immense amount of focus that Biohack Pure induced in them. Aside from them, there were also considerable boosts to memory and overall ability to learn things. Some of our participants noted their ability on musical instruments (guitar, piano) increased throughout the duration of their tests.

Additionally, there were no apparent drops in effectiveness of Biohack, aside from the initial drop when tolerance builds for the first time.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, Biohack Pure loses a few points here, due to the fact that some of our participants reported side effects relating to diarrhea which was most severe in the higher daily dosage recommendations. This was easily remedied by dropping the dosage on some days that were not mentally demanding.

Additionally, there were also some reports from our participants regarding severe headaches, which was also due to the fact that the potency was quite high. Reducing dosages also remedied this problem.

It seems as if all the side effects concerning Biohack Pure might be due to its high potency. We warn our readers regarding this. Yes, nootropics are similar to most pharmaceuticals. There is such a thing of the potency being too high. If it feels overwhelming, always opt to reduce your daily dosage, or alternatively, try a slightly less potent product.

Readers’ Score

Our readers, unfortunately, did not like Biohack Pure as much as we did. This might be due to the fact that some of our readers immediately jumped to the recommended dosages, without trying to see what suits them best first. This is often a problem, since not everyone’s tolerances are the same. Meaning, some handle higher potencies better than others.

Usually, this is easily remedied by a tweak in the daily dosages. Which was most of our correspondence emails with our readers consisted of. After tweaking and experimenting, though, many of those who did not like Biohack Pure had a change in opinion. Although not as much as we did, our readers really did enjoy Biohack Pure, when the dosages were right.


Top10BrainPills.com Score for Biohack Pure: 8.6 out of 10