Top 10 Brain Enhancing Pills of 2019-2020



Overall Rating: 9.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.8/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 9.6/10
Long Term Results: 9.7/10
Custom Reviews: 9.6/10
Safety: 9.8/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 90 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
$36.33 – $57.97
The real-life Limitless Pill? One of the newer offerings in the nootropic industry, Avanse Laboratories’ new ingenious formula LumULtra has been generating quite much popularity on the internet, and has been buzzing around on dedicated nootropic forums. Why do we pick this awesome formula to be the #1 nootropic supplement of 2018 and 2019? Simple, name another supplement that contains “potent 1160mg capsule” and has just recently been upgraded to 25 mg of world's most powerful nootropic agent Noopept. It is cheap, in our opinion, compared to what it contains. And we don’t think their price will stay this low for long. Avanse Laboratories is currently playing… Learn More...


Overall Rating: 9.2/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.1/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 9.2/10
Long Term Results: 9.0/10
Custom Reviews: 9.1/10
Safety: 9.0/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
There is much to be appreciated in a brain supplement like BrainPill (never mind the confusion that may stem from the generic-sounding name) that combines tried-and-tested ingredients in a single one-a-day formulation. The consistency in claims and what users see in real life is an exemplary one, which convinces us to rate this powerhouse as the second on this review list. Feeding one’s brain with nootropics and related supplements entails due diligence in research and seeking the highest quality, and we think BrainPill is up to task. Learn More...

Alpha Brain

Overall Rating: 9.0/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.9/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.9/10
Long Term Results: 8.8/10
Custom Reviews: 9.0/10
Safety: 8.9/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 90 Days
Servings: 15 Days

Retail Price:
It’s refreshing to have a nootropic like Alpha Brain that doesn’t put the entire industry to shame. By this we mean it’s relatively safe for intake and the makers are pretty transparent and upfront about their blend and its ingredients. Now, onto the downside, we aren’t as confident taking Alpha Brain as we do with other newcomers in the market, for the simple reason that the documented side effects are numerous. We can “ignore” a few reactions, but with so much variation in every person’s brain chemistry and reaction to supplements, it should be quite alarming to get so many complaints of side effects from different people. Learn More...


Overall Rating: 8.9/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.8/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.6/10
Long Term Results: 8.7/10
Custom Reviews: 8.7/10
Safety: 8.8/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Never heard of OptiMind before? This supplement promotes itself as an all-natural nootropic supplement that increases focus, improves memory, and enhances overall mental drive. The product first captured our attention when we noticed that their supplement blend contains a few of the same ingredients currently present in our editor’s #1 choice. So, of course, we grew curious to see whether their formula was as (un)successful as their initial branding techniques. Keep reading to find out what we discovered… Learn More...

Smart Pill

Overall Rating: 8.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.6/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.5/10
Long Term Results: 8.5/10
Custom Reviews: 8.6/10
Safety: 8.5/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 days
Servings: 30 days

Retail Price:
This is one of the few times we’ve actually seen a nootropic supplement take a complete leverage on the nootropic industry with the name Smart Pill. To be honest, we don’t know why other companies haven’t followed suit yet – it’s an amazing name. Simple, and to the point. Coming from supplement maker, Only Natural, Smart Pill makes some pretty bold claims regarding their pills being completely natural, whilst maintaining good quality. This is their niche – or Only Natural’s niche, for that matter. They create supplements, in this case Smart Pill, with the… Learn More...

Mind Lab Pro

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.5/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.4/10
Long Term Results: 8.4/10
Custom Reviews: 8.5/10
Safety: 8.5/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 30 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
Mind Lab Pro can very well be considered one of the giants of nootropics today. It’s popular in online sites, it has thriving social media promotions, and we find that it’s well-stocked online and in brick and mortar stores, too. Learn More...

Neuro Peak

Overall Rating: 8.1/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.2/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 8.1/10
Long Term Results: 8.1/10
Custom Reviews: 8.2/10
Safety: 8.1/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
It’s easy to appreciate and consider a nootropic like Neuro-Peak because of its sheer simplicity in ingredient list, once-daily dose, and even benefit claims. It’s uncomplicated and unproblematic in what it strives to do. It also enjoys significant numbers of customer reviews, which could signal trustworthiness at current rating levels. The only letdown, however, is that the product literature doesn’t say much of potential side effects or any safety reminders. Safety is a crucial aspect and one that is never to be ignored or forgotten. Learn More...

True Focus

Overall Rating: 7.8/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.8/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 7.8/10
Long Term Results: 7.7/10
Custom Reviews: 7.8/10
Safety: 7.8/10
Side Effects: none
Guarantee: N/A
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
True Focus doesn’t have its dedicated product website. Instead, it’s sold through a page on the NOW Foods site, and we think this reflects a number of facts. This brain enhancement pill cannot 100% stand on its own merit, and its popularity is largely fueled by its makers’ market presence. In addition, it has questionable ingredients, in that some of those ingredients aren’t a good fit for everyone, making it highly selective. Finally, the results are inconsistent, perhaps owing to the potency of ingredients in every serving and the very low price that the supplement is available for. After all, the adage “You get what you pay for” still holds true, right? Learn More...


Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.4/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 7.4/10
Long Term Results: 7.4/10
Custom Reviews: 7.5/10
Safety: 7.5/10
Side Effects: N/A
Guarantee: N/A
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price:
MagMind (magnesium L-threonate or Magtein) is the touted as the only form of magnesium that has been shown by promising research to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and provide significant positive effects on cognition, memory and brain health. According to its maker, the product may also improve relaxation and sleep quality. There is much to like about the astounding simplicity behind MagMind, in that it banks on the reputation of magnesium as a flexible wonder mineral that can also miraculously help in enhanced brain power. That is laudable and worth noting in a marketplace where brands come and go. But we need further proof of its supreme efficacy, especially as there are negative reviews that cited potential side effects (such as mind racing, anxiety, etc) after product use. Learn More...

Brain Awake

Overall Rating: 7.0/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.1/10
Brain Enhancing Power: 7.2/10
Long Term Results: 7.1/10
Custom Reviews: 7.2/10
Safety: 7.2/10
Side Effects: N/A
Guarantee: N/A
Servings: 15 Days

Retail Price:
Brain Awake is laudable for its special focus and attention to keeping people awake and stimulated throughout the day to complete their tasks. But at what cost? For us, it’s a pretty dear price to pay: some questionable ingredients, lack of stellar reviews and feedback, and a price point that tells us there’s nothing outstanding about the formula. Our four-week product trial, too, was abruptly halted around days 7 and 8 due to the presence of nausea, which only intensified with continued use. Will we use it again? Hardly likely. But we’re holding out hope that Brain Awake won’t always be one of those generic-looking and acting supplements, and that it can actually lead to brilliant results without the nasty effects. Learn More...