As some might have mistakenly come to believe, Adderall is not the original brain enhancer. There’s actually been one that has been around for much longer– Nootropil. While Adderall has been around from the mid 90’s, Nootropil has been treating ADD/ADHD and other related disorders for a very long time now. In essence, Nootropil is the father of nootropics, and as you can guess, that’s where the name came from. Originally used to treat ADD/ADHD, it was found that Nootropil also positively affected the brain of healthy people, giving them increased brain function that wasn’t even a thing at that time.

In the 50 years that it’s been around, Nootropil has been well received, and has aged exceptionally well – that’s why after that many years, it’s still around. If you go online, you’ll also find many people attesting to its effectiveness, and the fact that it’s been around for so long has allowed many different people to create results-oriented plans and guidelines with Nootropil, as well as supplement stacks that included it.

Nootropic Ingredients

At that time, manufacturers weren’t trying to cram as many ingredients as they could into a pill, and with that, Nootropil actually only had one single ingredient:

Supplement Facts (Ingredients)

Piracetam 800mg

Having only one real ingredient isn’t too bad – especially when that one ingredient is a whopping 800mg. While there have been quite a lot of new ingredients introduced lately with the rise of modern brain enhancers, an 800mg dose of piracetam is still substantially good in terms of nootropic properties and in comparison to some of those available today.

In addition, there have been numerous clinical studies and trials that attest to piracetam’s many positive effects on the brain, which also contribute to the fact it lasted this long despite its age, and despite the many competitive newer brain enhancers being sold on the internet.

Brain Enhancing Effects

It was quite easy getting participants and volunteers to come forward to test Nootropil. Word from the wise, “FREE Brain Enhancers to Test!” works quite well when printed on a sheet of paper, with a phone number attached, and distributed across a college campus and online. Hey, we can’t blame them! Would you say no to 3-month’s supply of brain enhancers? Judging by the fact that you’re on this site, reading, you probably would have called in as well.

Our participants reported that they weren’t able to note the effects in the beginning of the trial. It took a while, around 4-6 days before they started noticing the effects, which included a heightened sense of focus and concentration. However, they noted that it was a clean increase – very subtle, and not overpowering – which is a lot to be said for many of the other brain enhancers available on the market. With continued usage, some of them, at varying points in the 3-month period, also noted being able to remember things more easily – like where they left their car keys, and some other minor things. They noted that learning became easier. Some also noted on being able to see more intense colors, most notably, red. However, this effect was not widespread through all our participants.

Side Effects

The only side effect that was reported in our 3-month trial period was a feeling of heaviness on the brain at times, and more sometimes, headaches. However, this wasn’t present in all our volunteers, as there was still a substantial amount that reported no side effects.

For a nootropic that’s THAT old, this is quite impressive, especially if you take into consideration some of the more adverse side effects that some brain enhancers have, such as Adderall, and some of the more modern brain enhancers that are further spiked with caffeine. Nootropil performs excellently on this area.

Reader’s Score

The fact that it’s been around for so long means that it also has A LOT of active users. In fact, when we hinted at reviewing Nootropil, we were flooded with emails, some of them even providing suggestions on its use. We were also recommended to try a stack with Nootropil, Vinpocetine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Alpha GPC. These of course, are already present in many other modern brain enhancers out there. Overall, our readers had a very positive opinion on Nootropil.

For a nootropic of its age, Nootropil works exceptionally well. It manages to best even some of the more competitive brain enhancers in the market today – which says a lot. Nootropil manages to perform well, and is a testament to why it’s still around after all this time. It really is impressive. Score for Nootropil: 8.5 out of 10