Memotenz Up-to-Date Review for 2020: Does This Nootropic Really Work?

The lowdown: Does Memotenz work? How does it work for brain enhancement? What are the side effects? What are they not telling you about this product?

Overall Rating: 8.5 of 10

*Our ratings are derived from a scientifically calculated mix of our minimum of 8-week product trial, customer experience, industry expert reviews, and weighted average from in-house circle of nootropic expert reviewers

Memotenz is a brain enhancement supplement that is available online and finds itself in the space of natural nootropics.

Memotenz is well-known, highly reviewed online, and is backed by a fair number of years in the industry. However, nothing can be further from the truth.

There have been mixed reviews on this product, which is why our team has made it a point to sift through the noise and compile authoritative research, product feedback, and our own product trial results to introduce the real Memotenz to our readership.

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Memotenz: Does It Work?

Memotenz is a nootropic that claims to enhance brain function from memory to focus and concentration. Finding their way into the formulation as the two main ingredients are  Ginkgo Biloba and St. John’s Wort. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and costs $79.98 – a rather steep price to pay for the product you’re getting. Let’s break this down into the essentials. 

Nootropic Ingredients

Memotenz is made up of mainly Ginkgo Biloba and St. John’s Wort. Studies have pointed to Ginkgo Biloba’s ability to help improve brain function since it helps the brain absorb glucose and assists in the transmission of nerve signals. St. John’s Worth has been linked to a calming effect, but curiously this isn’t really listed in the effects of the product. 

Memotenz also contains some amino acids and other proteins, which are supposed to protect your brain cells and help them grow. Its non-active ingredients include gelatin, which means you shouldn’t take these if you are vegan/vegetarian. 


We came across the “proprietary formula” line on the Supplements Facts, and you know (or may not know yet) what that means. It means that since it is proprietary, it is the manufacturer’s call to reveal the true ingredient dosages and composition of the formula. We can’t do much about this but word of caution: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. What you do not know about ingredients of a nootropic that aren’t publicly listed may harm you. 

Supplemental Facts

The new, updated formula of Memotenz doesn’t contain a lot of ingredients on the label. This can be a positive or a negative depending on how you view it.You may believe that ignorance is bliss, and trust Memotenz completely that you’re getting safe, maximum effects on brain function and cognition. But you may also recognize that we both don’t know the exact quantities of these ingredients in the capsules, so we don’t know if each dose actually contains enough of the components to have a favorable impact.

Product Test

We tested Memotenz for eight weeks, the minimum number of weeks that we test-run a brain enhancement product for our own experience. While better concentration is marked on the second week, there wasn’t much on memory improvement, much to our dismay. One can only conclude that it may take a while before noticing significant effects. Note, however, that Memotenz is on the expensive side and there have been much more affordable products providing results on the 1-3 week mark. 

Side Effects

Memotenz claims to have no side effects. Again, nothing can be further from the truth, as some participants of external and internal reviews went through dizziness, headaches, unusual sleepiness, and even insomnia. These can be detrimental to everyday performance, which is what we are trying to enhance in the first place to upgrade daily results and quality of life. 

The Final Word

Memotenz is a classic example that name recall isn’t everything in the nootropic world. There is zero evidence that it works and should be hailed as the no. 1 in the market. Online reviews of the product are nothing more than empty cans that lend no credence to its benefit claims. We are also bothered by the lack of clinical data to back up all scientific claims, as well as the general ineffectiveness paired with safety concerns. 

So where do you take it from here? 

Unlike Memotenz, The Best Brain Supplements Have These Qualities…

#1 LumUltra: The Real-Life Limitless Pill

Avanse Nutraceuticals’ nootropic offering didn’t earn this title for nothing. While of the relatively newer offerings in the industry, LumUltra has made waves in brain enhancement with its generous serving of 25mg of Noopept, along with Guarana and Panax Ginseng for a gentle yet inspired lift of energy all day, whatever your mission calls for.

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#2 BrainPill

There is much to be appreciated in a brain supplement like BrainPill (never mind the confusion that may stem from the generic-sounding name) that combines tried-and-tested ingredients in a single one-a-day formulation. The consistency in claims and what users see in real life is an exemplary one, which convinces us to rate this powerhouse as the second on this review list. Feeding one’s brain with nootropics and related supplements entails due diligence in research and seeking the highest quality, and we think BrainPill is up to task. Learn More…


#3 Neuriva

Neuriva is definitely backed by a big-name supplement maker. It has attracted enough attention to be stocked by big retailers and enjoy a solid following. First-time nootropic users, however, have to be very discriminating in their first brain pill of choice, as it will set the tone for their ongoing use and supplementation. There’s a scarcity in important product information here, including clinical findings, comparison with peers, and transparent details that will show us it’s an inevitable part of one’s brain-boosting regimen. Learn More…


#4 Alpha Brain

It’s refreshing to have a nootropic like Alpha Brain that doesn’t put the entire industry to shame. By this we mean it’s relatively safe for intake and the makers are pretty transparent and upfront about their blend and its ingredients. Now, onto the downside, we aren’t as confident taking Alpha Brain as we do with other newcomers in the market, for the simple reason that the documented side effects are numerous. We can “ignore” a few reactions, but with so much variation in every person’s brain chemistry and reaction to supplements, it should be quite alarming to get so many complaints of side effects from different people. Learn More…


#5 Prevagen

Their main claim is Memory Improvement. They also suggest Prevagen supports Healthy Brain Function, Sharper Mind, and Clearer Thinking. Their website states they were voted “#1 Brain Health Support Supplement”. The manufacturer is Quincy Bioscience. Prevagen comprises just a single ingredient – Apoaequorin” – which they claim was originally found in certain species of jellyfish. Prevagen was clinically tested and showed an increase in memory in healthy adults over 40 years old. Prevagen comes in 3 varieties with Chewables, Original and Extra Strength. Learn More…



Bonus: What Should You Avoid in Nootropics?

Memotenz and similar nootropic products are a cautionary tale. To establish this further, allow us to give you a quick guide on what to avoid when looking for brain enhancement aids, whether you’re reporting for work, excelling in school, gaming, or simply looking for more out of life…


  • Transparency in Dosing and Ingredient Information
    Make sure that the product label states the correct level of each active ingredient, so as not to compromise quality and likelihood of getting the promised benefits. If it refuses to disclose the complete ingredient list, then it’s your turn to run – you can’t trust a company that isn’t transparent in what it’s offering to customers.


  • Affordability
    Quality doesn’t necessarily have to come with a steep price tag. Make the most out of your hard-earned dollars by finding a good combination of quality and value for money. You’d be surprised there are big-name nootropic products that fetch 100+ dollars per bottle but offer nothing more than placebo effects.


  • ‘Natural’ Ingredients
    Natural herbal extracts and nutrients can definitely help you become limitless – but only in safe, effective combinations and no threat of toxicity and risk. A clean, well-manufactured nootropic has a formidable list of ingredients in good doses, not some arbitrary pairs of “natural ingredients” that do absolutely nothing for your brainpower or performance.


  • Amazon and Other Online Reviews
    Unfortunately, customer reviews on Amazon and similar familiar platforms no longer have 100% integrity all the time. They may have been infiltrated by paid or inorganic reviews, with half-truths and subtle sells to convince you that Product X is the right fit. It is important to go beyond the ratings (no matter how BIG the name of the nootropic is) and do your own smart research. Overall Score: 8.5 of 10