Is ABC Shark Tank’s winner supplement, Smart X by Cerebral Success, as good as it sounds? The product promises to be a premium brain boosting product that can improve focus and memory, reduce anxiety and boost overall mental performance. A lot of people are going crazy over this product, but are they doing so for the right reasons? Sometimes popularity does not indicate value or quality. We fear that Smart X only appears as a good product and does have a genuinely effective formula. Can they prove us wrong?

Nootropic Ingredients

Proprietary Blend:
Huperzine A
Schisandrin A
B Vitamins


Instead of criticizing Smart X for not revealing the dosages of each ingredient, we are instead going to compliment the manufacturers for choosing such great nootropics to stack in the formula. We’ve got the classic Huperzine A + Vinpocetine blend. These two are often found in a combo because they work so well to boost memory and focus. Vinpocetine works by increasing the blood circulation in the brain, resulting in higher concentration. Meanwhile, Huperzine A is a powerful memory protector due to its beneficial antioxidant properties.


Smart X also has Caffeine and L-Theanine, which again, combine really well together. These two are famous for being able to boost mental energy in a moderate and long-lasting manner. Caffeine alone is known to make you feel more awake, but when combined with the amino acid L-Theanine, you can experience better focus and improved thinking skills.


The best aspect of Smart X’s formula is that it solely consists of ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective. In fact, Cerebral Success (the creators) post a long list of studies that show how each of these ingredients work and what benefits they can bring to your brain. This is a great way of communicating to the public that they are a cautious, well-informed, trustworthy company.


Brain Enhancing Effects 

The thing about every single cognitive enhancing supplement is that you have to measure results in order to actually see them. Why? Okay, so let’s say you ‘feel more focused’ after taking 1 dosage of Smart X. Fair enough, but what if it was caused by that cup of Joe you had earlier in the morning?  Or if you found yourself more productive after giving the product a go? Well, what if it was just a good day? The only legitimate way of assessing the effectiveness of a product is by doing certain activities that can test the results. There are plenty of ways to do this, but we’re going to share with you guys what we usually do.

To test for memory improvement, either play memory games everyday for at least 1 month or use a mobile memory-test app. To test for focus, set the timer on and start to work. Whenever you get distracted, turn the timer off and write down how long you lasted. If this number increases over the days, it means the product is helping you become more concentrated. To test for mental clarity, play brain-training games on your phone that test your attention and analytical skills. A good and completely free one to go for is Lumosity.

After doing these activities ourselves, we felt like Smart X helped the most with focus and mental clarity. Since we only tested the product for 3 weeks, it’s completely understandable why we didn’t see any significant changes to memory. So if you really want to wait for memorable results, give Smart X a go for at least 90 days.

Side Effects

Cerebral Success warns us that because their product contains ingredients that stimulate blood flow to the brain, headaches are very much possible. Particularly for those who have never used nootropics before, don’t be shocked or worried if you have a slight (or even strong) headache a few hours after taking the product. This is completely normal and should go away. If over a few days the headache keeps reappearing then it means that your body is not tolerating the product very well.

Readers’ Score & Price

WARNING: This next part kind of sucks. A 30-capsule bottle of Smart X costs $45.00, but most people will need a dosage of 2 capsules per day to experience the product’s optimal benefits. That means you’re paying $90 per month for a cognitive boosting supplement, which you really don’t have to be doing. Especially if you’re a student or someone on a tight budget, go for something cheaper and just as good, like Lumonol.


Smart X has done a very good job of proving to its customers that each of the ingredients used in the formula have been scientifically tested. This helps us trust and like the company. The ingredients used are also very good picks. Vinpocetine and Huperzine A, for example, should be able to boost memory and focus quite instantaneously.

We consider Smart X to be a very expensive product for a cognitive enhancer, but that’s completely up to you to decide. If you don’t want to fork out $90 a month, don’t feel pressured to and just go with another option.

Overall Score: 8.1 out of 10