Learn another Language to Prevent Aging

Guaranteed – whether it has already happened, or it has yet to happen – there will be one instance in your life where you forget something extremely trivial, whether you left your keys in the freezer, or you learn that you can’t remember your second daughter’s birthday, you realize that your memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

That’s around when you start taking steps to improve your memory, as your brain simply isn’t as ‘well-oiled’ as it used to be. Maybe you start playing more games that involve critical thinking or start eating more brain-nutrition food. These all might work, but while you’re at it, consider learning another language – studies show that it improve cognition and might just delay dementia.

Apparently, according to the study, those that have been exposed to and have learned at least 2 languages have also reportedly had less degradation of their cognitive abilities with age. Their findings found that those who have learned a second language before the age of 18 performed a lot better. However, interestingly, those who have learned a second language even later in life were still able to perform better in cognitive performance tests. Compared to those who have only spoken one language all their life, these people are able to do so much better.

Additionally, it’s been suggested by the study as well that learning another language protects the brain in a way that prevents brain diseases and other kinds of brain disorders.

So if you’re having troubles remembering things, or feel like your memory isn’t as good as it used to be, out of your entire list of things that you should be doing to make your brain sharper, why not add this one?