5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Aging Parents


There comes a day when we realize that our old man is actually getting pretty old. (Moms are included, we just didn’t want to ruin the phrase). And just like how there’s a really long list of things that would be super inappropriate to say to kids, there’s a list of things that we should never say to older folks.

One thing to always keep in mind is that aging is a really hard process for some people. Sure, there are those in the world who make being 60 or 70 work and look super easy. They love the freedom and they’re in perfectly good health to be able to enjoy a glass of wine every Friday night while listening to some jazz. But for the majority of seniors, getting old sucks. Joints start hurting, it takes so much effort to walk from one place to another, memory recall is pretty much non-existent and friends are…well, let’s just say there aren’t very many friends anymore.

This coming holiday when you meet your parents for dinner, make sure that you remind yourself, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your husband/wife and your kids never, ever, ever to say these 6 things…

  1. “You make gray hair look so good!”


Gray hair is old hair. Sure, it suits some people better than others. But reminding someone that they’ve got silver hair is basically telling them how super old they are. And nobody wants to hear that.

  1. “Aww…you’re so cute!”


This seems okay at first, but it’s really not that nice….especially if you keep saying it over and over again. Old people know that they can be really adorable, but they also know that you’re just saying that as a polite way of calling them old and incapable. “Cute” and “adorable” are words you should use to describe young children, not your parents.

  1. “I just don’t think that’s very age-appropriate”


For God’s sake, let your folks do what they want. Being old and dealing with its consequences is hard enough, but having to hear your son tell you that the blouse you chose to wear today is “not age-appropriate” is a total let down.

  1. “That’s the 5th time you told me that today, mom.”


You’ve got to be patient with your kids and you’ve got to be patient with your parents. That’s right, being an adult sucks. But don’t worry, there will come a time when your kids will be the ones who have to deal with listening to your crap all the time too.

  1. “Seriously? How did you already forget that?”

It’s not very hard to understand that memory recall worsens with age. It’s the brain’s natural way of letting you know that you’re getting old. But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

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