Editors' Choice

Having won the Editors’ Choice Award previously, Lumonol remains at the top this month yet again after our readers sent in raving reviews how effective Lumonol is at enhancing focus, memory, mental flexibility, and overall cognitive functions.

Users reported great customer service, high value for money, and above all results – largely thanks to Lumonol’s 15mg of Noopept – The most potent of nootropics! Lumonol definitely scores top marks when it comes to potency, safety and effectiveness.

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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Cognitive Enhancement Smart Pill!

There are hundreds of cognitive enhancement pills (so called smart pills) on the market that simply do NOT work! With each of them claiming they are the best, how can you find the cognitive enhancers that are both safe and effective? Our top brain enhancement pills have been picked by sorting and ranking the top brain enhancement products yourself. Our ratings are based on the following criteria.

  • Overall Success Rating – How does it rate overall?
  • Brain Boosting Power – Does it perform?
  • Ingredient Quality – Proven & effective?
  • Short Term & Long Term Results – Are results designed to last?
  • Safety – Are the ingredients safe?
  • Price – Is pricing high or low?
  • Customer Reviews – What customers are saying?
  • Guarantee – Is there a money back guarantee?
Top 5 Brain Boosting Supplements of 2015 – 2016


Overall Rating: 9.6/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.7/10
Brain Boosting Power: 9.6/10
Long Term Results: 9.4/10
Custom Reviews: 9.5/10
Safety: 9.6/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 90 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price: $36.33 – $57.97
The real-life Limitless Pill? One of the newer offerings in the nootropic industry, Avanse Laboratories’ Lumonol has been generating quite much popularity on the internet, and has been buzzing around on dedicated nootropic forums. Why do we pick Lumonol to be the #1 nootropic supplement of 2014 and 2015? Simple, name another supplement that contains “potent 1160mg capsule” including 15mg of Noopept. Lumonol is cheap, in our opinion, compared to what it contains. And we don’t think their price will stay this low for long. Avanse Laboratories is currently playing…
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Overall Rating: 9.0/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.1/10
Brain Boosting Power: 8.8/10
Long Term Results: 8.9/10
Custom Reviews: 8.7/10
Safety: 9.3/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price: $57.97
Nitrovit -Neuro Laboratories“advanced cognitive nootropic”-starts off on the right foot by being not only built in the USA, but in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory where it is made and tested.
The Nitrovit website explains that Nitrovit was originally developed as an alternative to the ADD medication available by founder Archie Marks’s doctor. It would seem that initial formula has come a long way since, and now serves clients all over the globe.Nitrovitisn’t so much an alternative to an SSRI, but…
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Smart Pill

Overall Rating: 8.4/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.6/10
Brain Boosting Power: 8.3/10
Long Term Results: 8.5/10
Custom Reviews: 8.2/10
Safety: 8.4/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price: $69.98
This is one of the few times we’ve actually seen a nootropic supplement take a complete leverage on the nootropic industry with the name Smart Pill. To be honest, we don’t know why other companies haven’t followed suit yet – it’s an amazing name. Simple, and to the point.
Coming from supplement maker, Only Natural, Smart Pill makes some pretty bold claims regarding their pills being completely natural, whilst maintaining good quality. This is their niche – or Only Natural’s niche, for that matter. They create supplements, in this case Smart Pill, with the…
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Overall Rating: 7.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.4/10
Brain Boosting Power: 8.0/10
Long Term Results: 7.8/10
Custom Reviews: 7.9/10
Safety: 7.4/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 60 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price: $49.96
Dr. Larry Cleary’s Lucidal – the critically acclaimed secret formula that has been created, revised, and optimized to the point that it’s Dr. Cleary-approved. As a product of Dr. Cleary’s extensive years and expertise in the industry, it is his brainchild. Heavily marketed as the pill for reversing memory loss, whilst aiding focus, it’s seen some popularity in the last few years. In light of all the hubbub and controversy, we put their claims to the test, to see whether or not Lucidal is able to come forth with flying colors, just as all its acclamation has it to be…
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Neuro Optimizer

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 7.4/10
Brain Boosting Power: 7.6/10
Long Term Results: 7.4/10
Custom Reviews: 7.3/10
Safety: 7.5/10
Side Effects: None
Guarantee: 30 Days
Servings: 30 Days

Retail Price: $59.94
Neuro Optimizer is Jarrow Formula’s offering on the nootropic industry, taking a more creative approach by differentiating themselves as not only a nootropic that enhances cognitive abilities, but also by making sure the world knows that they have created a brain metabolizer. It stands out from all the other nootropics out there in this respect, as well as the fact that they’ve created an all-encompassing brain capsule. What do they really mean by brain metabolizer, though? It means that their capsule is able to supply nutrition…
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