Can ADD be prevented?


A Google search on ADHD will reveal a lot of results concerning tips, cures, and ways to cope with ADD better. We’re not saying that the information out there is in any way bad or misleading. In fact, there are many great articles out there on the internet on how to deal with ADD. However, it seems as if people forget that it’s a condition, and like most conditions, it can be prevented.

It isn’t common to think about ADD as a preventable condition, but some doctors believe that it is. Although, there is no surefire way to prevent ADD, the great advances of science brings to light some suggestions brought up that may help reduce the likelihood.

First’s first – pick your life partner thoughtfully. ADD is very highly heritable, therefore, choose wisely. If you know that your partner is related to someone who has ADD, it might be a good idea to reconsider your options. We’re not saying that you should break up with them over the fact that your partner’s brother suffers from ADD, however consider the possible ramifications and whether you’re ready to take on a child that might possibly have ADD.

Don’t indulge in vices when pregnant. The use of alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal drugs might affect your child. Poor health during pregnancy highly increases the likelihood of developing ADD.

Ensure medical care is the best that it can be during the delivery. There are a number of factors that might lead to the development of ADD, and most people don’t know that poor birthing conditions can be an attributing factor. Lack of oxygen, trauma, and even infections during birth can all cause ADD.

When you finally leave the delivery room, and your child is getting older, limit electronic time. TV, computer, handheld games – or even playing Flappy Bird on your phone – can also attribute to the development of ADD. Yes, allow usage, but limit it as well. Scientists believe that a good rule of thumb is one hour a day.

That being said, when you take away electronics, put in some social interaction. According to studies, social interactions and the development of emotional connections aid the skills that limit ADD. Have some family bonding time, play catch in the backyard, or maybe even read them a book before they go to bed. All of this is not only highly beneficial in social interactions, but also allows your child to develop healthy lifestyles and confidence.

With the right amount of guidance and care, any parent can greatly minimize their child’s likelihood of developing ADD. However, this article does not serve to degrade people suffering from ADD. In fact, ADD usually comes with gifts: sharp intuitive skills, high energy, originality, creativity, warmth. This article simply tries to allow readers the most informative decision they can make in light of uncertainties.

That being said, I leave this:

Everyone is a genius. But when you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it was stupid.”
Albert Einstein