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Best Supplement To Help Your Kid Stay Sharp! 9.6/10

In around a decade or so, your child will be grateful to have been born into what possibly is the luckiest generation ever. Back when we were kids, you weren’t given special vitamins or supplements if you had behavioral problems – hell, if you were the loud kid in class who couldn’t stay focused and kept on saying inappropriate things, you would just be labeled as a pain in the arse. But now, there are very safe and effective supplements you can give your child so that he/she feels a lot calmer and is less distracted.

If you’ve had a look through our home page, you’ll notice that we like to focus on reviewing products for adults. Once in a while however, we come across something so extraordinarily good that we can’t help but publish an entire review on it. “Lumonol Prep is the only supplement that I found has significantly improved my son’s focus and memory within a month,” claimed one of our fellow workmates just the other day.

So if you are at all interested in improving your child or teen’s focus, concentration and mood then make your way over to the kitchen, make a nice cup of tea and hop right back over to enjoy reading the following review.

Nootropic Ingredients


Supplement Facts (Ingredients)
Vitamin B6 5 mg
L-Theanine 100 mg
Magnesium 100 mg

Citicholine 75 mg

Rhodiola Rosea 75 mg

Phosphatidylserine 40 mg

Inositol 25 mg

Zinc 7 mg
The best way to understand why we think Lumonol Prep deserves so much hype is by getting to know its formula. When you’ve been researching and reviewing supplements for as long as we have, you know that there are usually only 2 different types – the ones that make over-hyped claims but don’t deliver promises and the ones that do work but cause terrible side effects. Lumonol Prep falls into neither of these categories, which is why it’s such a big deal. Most children’s brain supplements are really just multi-vitamins with omega-3 oils. These kinds of formulas can be great in maintaining overall health and even supporting brain development, but they just can’t go that extra mile. Lumonol Prep contains nootropics, which we’re going to discuss more about in the next paragraph.


So for all those parents out there reading this who have absolutely no clue what nootropics are, we are genuinely very excited for you because you’re about to learn the secret to better, sharper cognitive function (for both children and adults!). The word nootropics sounds really fancy and elaborate but it really just describes any kind of supplement that’s able to improve mental performance. There are lots of different nootropics available so it’s important to choose the safe and effective ones that are well researched. The 3 main nootropics you’ll find in Lumonol Prep include: Phosphatidylserine, CDP Choline and L-Theanine. Feel good knowing that these ingredients have undergone a lot of clinical trials and show promising benefits in supporting healthy brain function. More specifically, here’s how they work…


  • Phosphatidylserine is a completely safe and legal supplement that you can buy over-the-counter at some pharmacies. A lot of doctors recommend this supplement for those who display attention issues, chronic mood swings and any ADD/ADHD symptoms. Research suggests that phosphatidylserine creates a positive effect on cognitive performance by lowering stress levels. More specifically, it cuts down the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. By doing so, both our emotional stability and mental function are improved. A team of international researchers had published their findings on the use of phosphatidylserine treatment on ADD children aged 4-14 showing that the supplement is much more effective than regular vitamins.


  • CDP Choline is an expensive source of choline that can benefit the cognitive performance of people of all ages. It enhances focus abilities by clearing the mind and lowering distractions. The FDA has certified CDP Choline as a safe dietary supplement to use.


  • Lastly there is L-Theanine, which is a wonderful ingredient for children who are hyperactive, unfocused and unmotivated. L-Theanine relaxes the mind without sedating it, helping you to get in the zone and be able to concentrate on a certain task without feeling distracted.


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Brain Enhancing Effects 

Around a month and a half ago we contacted 4 of our friends who we know have children to see how they’ve been handling the whole parenthood shenanigan. Three of them wrote back with pretty average descriptions but one of them explained to us how difficult things have been around in the house with a 12-year-old ADD son. A few e-mails later, it was clear that he was more than interested to give Lumonol Prep to his son. After a month, we got in touch again and asked how everything went. Here’s what our friend wrote in the e-mail:

“I love my son but I have to admit that he’s been a pretty tough character to handle for the past few years especially. I’ve been getting more and more calls from the school telling me that he’s been skipping detention, which he got in the first place out of inappropriate behavior and lack of focus in class. He’s also really moody at home and has a hard time following instructions. I decided to give Lumonol Prep a chance without having any kind of expectations, despite all the good stuff that my friends from told me. I was surprised to see how quickly and effectively the product worked. Whenever I told my son to take out the trash or wash the dishes, he would get so distracted with his own thoughts that he would forget to complete the tasks before even reaching the kitchen. Lumonol Prep changed everything – it made him more focused both in school and at home, he was calmer and had less mood swings, and these improvements turned out to make him a happier boy. I’m happy to say that we’ll continue to use Prep.”

Side Effects

Although we personally did not come across any remarks regarding side effects, we completely understand why some parents are very concerned of them. None of the ingredients in Lumonol Prep have been shown to cause any side effects when taken at the proper dose. So we do not recommend for your child/teen to take more than the recommended amount, even if they see no results. If your child suffers from any underlying disease and is taking medication then we suggest that you consult with your doctor about Prep.

Readers’ Score & Price

Lumonol Prep is not just any regular multi-vit stack that you can get from the pharmacy, but the manufacturers have made sure it’s sold for an affordable price. A month’s supply costs $44.70 and you can order the bottle by clicking here. If you’re still hesitant to buy the product, remember that you are guaranteed to get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the results. To do so, send over an e-mail within 90 days of purchase and you’ll be good to go.

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Coming across a product like Lumonol Prep reminds us of the reason why we became so passionate about nootropic supplements in the first place. Products that have been created with such passion have a special quality to them, a quality that can potentially benefit your life. We try to give an unbiased opinion on all the products we review and so we wouldn’t give such praise if we weren’t so impressed by a supplement’s effectiveness. So, if your child struggles to focus and often has behavioral issues, you can either ignorantly accept the offer of stuffing your child with over-hyped, potentially even dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or you can actually help by adopting more natural treatments.

Lumonol Prep ticks our boxes by being a safe, effective and affordable cognitive enhancing supplement for kids and teens. Turn that smile on your child’s face upside down…starting with Prep. Click here to buy a bottle of Prep today.

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