Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA

Nordic Naturals is a company that is committed to creating and providing the general public with the highest quality source of omega-3 oils. They have products suitable for both adults and kids, which brings us to our review today. Nordic Naturals recognizes the national deficiency in omega oils that Americans have and wishes to improve this problem by giving people the option of purchasing affordable supplements. One of the most beneficial forms of omega oils is DHA, which has clearly been included on the bottle label. So what is DHA and how can it benefit your child’s brain and mental performance? DHA is a well-known form of omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain health. What makes DHA so great for kids, however, is the fact that it may improve brain development. If you want to give your child an extra brain booster to ensure that he/she is performing at their ultimate potential then check out this review.

Nootropic Ingredients

Take a close look at this supplement’s ingredients label:


So if you turn your attention towards the bottom of the supplement facts label you’ll see that there is 105 mg of DHA and 75 mg of EPA included in each serving. Both are important for proper cognitive development, so it’s good to see that Nordic Naturals has done it right. If an omega-3 complex supplement has a higher EPA to DHA ratio, that’s because EPA is cheaper to manufacture and/or purchase. Clearly Nordic Naturals is not holding back on quality and chooses to provide you (or rather, your kids) with the right dosages. DHA and EPA both have neural cell protective properties and the capacity to boost mental performance. While we do attain DHA and EPA through our diet (particularly from fish i.e. salmon), we don’t get enough of it. That’s why it’s an excellent option to give your child a omega-3 oil supplement.


Brain Enhancing Effects 

Using an omega oil supplement won’t make your child the smartest or most creative kid in class, but it will help with overall brain development and proper brain function. The key here is to protect your child’s brain cells from toxin damage and to ensure that your child is receiving the right nutrients to maintain good mental performance.

Side Effects

Children’s DHA should not give your child any serious side effects. The product contains absolutely no drugs, meaning it’s most likely suitable for use with other medications. As always, the absolute best and safest option is to talk with your child’s physician.


Reader’s Score & Price

Everyone has their own preferred website to buy supplements off of so we’re going to give you guys a couple of options. The most popular way of ordering the product is through – on this site, a bottle containing 250 soft gels costs $36.20 + standard shipping costs. If for some reason you don’t like this option, you can also get it from for around the same price. If you’ve bought the product, remember to give your child 4 soft gels with food everyday. If your child doesn’t like the taste of the product (there’s a very high chance that they won’t be too fond of the fishy taste), then encourage them to swallow the softgels as opposed to chewing.


Nordic Naturals’ Children’s DHA is a great everyday supplement that your child should take in efforts to maintain good brain health. If your child is hyperactive or has attention issues, this product may help (some customers have seen positive results), although we do believe that there are much more effective options in the market. Since the supplement mostly consists of omega oils, it is not actually designed to boost mental performance in aspects such as focus or concentration. So, if you’re on the hunt for something that will help your child behave while staying calm and focused in school then our top pick would be Lumonol Prep.

Overall Score: 8.0 out of 10